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Individual and Family Philanthropy

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We are passionate about philanthropy’s potential to accelerate change and address social and environmental issues in equitable and sustainable ways. We provide innovative and sustainable solutions to maximize the impact of your philanthropic dollars aligned with your mission, vision, and values with your charitable endeavors. We meet you exactly where you are, designing and implementing innovative strategies that further your legacy and serve as a model of inspiration for future generations.

Offerings Include:

Design and Governance

  • Start-Up Assistance
  • Philanthropic Program Design
  • Equitable Models for Philanthropy and Grantmaking
  • Strategy, Planning and Implementation
  • Program Management
  • Succession Planning and Multi-Generational Engagement
  • Impact Evaluation

Equity-driven Decision Making

  • Grantmaking Equity Audit
  • Equity Assessment: Organizational Readiness Assessment (DEI)