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Executive Coaching



At MA we inspire and support BIPOC executives to reach their potential

Our executive coaching is led by Christina Mattison who brings in-depth professional and lived experiences to her coaching. Designed to enhance the leadership skills and executive functioning of motivated, achievement oriented BIPOC professionals and executives looking to excel, reach their full potential and keep striving further. 

MA’s executive coaching is tailored to the individual, their unique skillset, and the circumstances of BIPOC leaders and changemakers. Through one-on-one coaching, Christina builds a close and confidential relationship with clients to help strengthen leaders, uncover blind spots, and change behaviors that directly impact business results. 

We support BIPOC leaders, visionaries, and change-makers experience greater authenticity, balance, presence, and confidence. MA’s executive coaching is structured to support:

  • Increased emotional intelligence and self-awareness so leaders can use their strengths more effectively.
  • Higher levels of leader resilience.
  • Development of strategic thinking skills.
  • Improvement in team leadership performance.
  • Sustainable organizational change.